Lots of tour fun

On Saturday, fifteen kids joined their parents for an Easter "egg-hunt" involving plastic eggs and a lot of fun. Children and company met our rabbits, learned why they don't alway make good companions for children, and fed the bunnies lots of good food. Kids also met Susie, Patty and Owen, the pigs, and Flo, the goat. It was a lot of fun!

After the kid's tour, the Bay Area Vegetarians arrived with around 24 participants. Visitors rubbed pig bellies, fed the chickens, played with the baby lambs and goat, and had a wonderful time!

We want to thank the Bay Area Veg group for a great turnout, some great vegan food, and kind donations made by the members.

You can see some pictures at the Bay Area Veg website

We do offer tours and cooking classes. If you are in the area, check out our tour/class schedule and visit if you can! Here's our schedule


KleoPatra said...

oh WOW, i wish i could have been there. Next time i'm in your area, i'm so there!!