BABY GOATS take over the sanctuary!

Adele is one of the six goats and two sheep Animal Place took in from a slaughterhouse in Watsonville. She was pregnant and recently gave birth to two healthy kids, a boy and girl. They spend their days climbing the other goats, pretending they can eat hay and keeping a close eye on Adele (lest she try and make off with their milk). Kids are exuberant bundles of energy, making life very interesting at the sanctuary.

Adidas - Impossibly Inconsistent

Adidas plans to avoid purchasing wool from Australian producers that mulesing or “clip” the rear flap of skin off of their sheep.

Mulesing is the cutting away of the rear skin flap on wool sheep to prevent flystrike. It is painful, often taking weeks for the animal to recover. No anesthesia or pain relief is required or offered.

It may seem “nice” that Adidas is taking this stance, but they show their true colors by continuing to argue that it is “ethical and humane” to slaughter kangaroos for use in their soccer shoes. The millions of dead kangaroos and their clubbed babies would, if they were alive, probably disagree.

Corporate responsibility should not be so inconsistent – Adidas continues to celebrate cruelty with their use of leather while pretending to care about the suffering of mulesinged sheep.