Proposition 2 Update

USDA & The American Egg Board have been ordered by a federal judge to stop violating a federal law that bans expenditure of federal funds on influencing government policy. Read more

The American Egg Board, a government supervised industry group, received approval from the USDA to use $3 million in federal check-off funds for ads that promote eggs using a No on Prop 2 spokesman as the speaker. Federal law prohibits the use of check-off program funds in a way

that may influence government policy.

San Francisco Chronicle: USDA ordered to quit buying anti-Prop 2 ads

Yes! On Prop 2: Federal Court Blocks Multi-million Dollar “Awful Egg Bailout”

September 23, 2008

The United States Department of Justice has subpoenaed records from leading opponents of Proposition 2 - the United Egg Producers (UEP), Golden Oval Eggs, LLC, Michael Foods, Inc. and MoArk LLC- as part of a criminal probe into illegal price-fixing. Read more

Virginia has a baby!

Rescued from a slaughterhouse four months ago, skinny and malnourished, we never thought Virginia was pregnant. Imagine our surprise when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Virginia is a stellar mom. She responds immediately when little boy calls for her. Checking in every few minutes, she gives him gentle baths and makes sure he stays clean. It's funny to watch him look up to his mom, almost as if saying "What next, mom?" Think good thoughts for little boy and his mom - as an older sheep, Virginia isn't in the best of health. She has problems with her lung from previously untreated infections and her liver is failing. Through all of this, she has shown a remarkable will to live and a strong drive to take care of her baby. We'll do our best to keep her comfortable and happy, while also helping her take care of little boy.

Animal Place will continue to provide safe haven and stellar care for any and all animals who enter our barn doors. While we help them, the animals help us to keep hope alive for farmed animals everywhere. You can help by choosing a plant-based diet, by choosing cotton over wool, by being an integral part of the solution.

Agriprocessor's Inc

Agriprocessor's Inc is charged with more than 9,000 misdemeanors for hiring 32 children at their "kosher" processing plant in Postville, Iowa. In May of this year, the plant was raided and 400 workers were arrested, accused of being "undocumented immigrants". That is nearly 60% of Agriprocessor's workforce (they are now hiring homeless people from Texas to fill the void). Postville has a population of about 2,300 - nearly 18% of their entire population was detained and arrested.

While 2/3 of the animals at Agriprocessor's are slaughtered conventionally, with a captive bolt gun to the head and then bled, a 1/3 of the animals are killed using the traditional practices of shechita. While a little more complex, the ritual slaughter involves restraining a conscious animal and cutting their throat, severing the eosophagus and trachea. No stunning is permitted. In 2004, PETA released video footage showing improper shechita and cruel treatment of cattle being killed. Federal inspectors were caught sleeping and playing card games on the job, not properly inspecting contaminated carcasses and generally not doing their job. While animal cruelty charges were considered, no case was filed. The USDA suspended one inspector and sent warning letters to two others. No ice cream with your pie for you, you crazy inspector-kids you!

Meatpacking plants are dangerous. They have a 100% turnover rate. Life on the processing line is unsafe, with a high rate of accidents and injuries. Workers are denied medical care, overtime pay and sick time. Some spend 50-70 hours a week enduring back-breaking labor and killing sentient, feeling beings. Meatpacking plants are founded on cruelty; their human employees aren't exempt from callous treatment.

Intensive farming is a destructive force. It ruins rural communities. It degrades human workers to objects. And it murder billions of feeling, sentient animals for no other reason than to placate a stomach's growl. Stopping the maelstrom is as simple as making compassionate food choices. Don't support an industry that abuses its workers, destroys the environment and reduces intelligent animals to body parts and "prime" cuts. That is the only way to stop the existence of the Agriprocessor's of the world.

2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities

Animal Place will be tabling at the 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities, an event that showcases more than 100 national and international artists. The performance line-up starts out with Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, who will be joined by comedian and MC Keith Lowell Jensen, singer Larisa Bryski and more. Entertainment includes jugglers, belly dancers, firebenders, artist-made midway games and rides, along with raffle prizes! All proceeds will be donated to animal protection groups. This should be a fun event!

The event will be on September 13 from 5 pm - 10 pm at the Verge Gallery at 1900 V Street in Sacramento.

Chalk art and charity of the month!

This past weekend, Brownie Troop #1748, two women and Animal Place volunteer Tracy Heller headed out to Sacramento for the yearly Chalk it up! to Scramento festival. Funds from the festival benefit children's arts education and art activities.

Check out the very awesome mural created to represent Animal Place. We think we can see Nate, the goat, Leland the turkey, Aiden the sheep, Arturo the rooster, and maybe even Olivia, the potbellied pig! The artists were even kind enough to include some rats, mice, ground squirrels and wild rabbits to symbolize how hard we work to live WITH nature, not against it.

A big thank you to Brownie Troop #1748, Tracy Heller and the two artists who assisted with creating this beautiful sidewalk chalk mural!


In other news, Etsy for Charity has named Animal Place September's Charity of the Month! Every purchase made through their charity store goes directly to the selected charity, this month it's us! You can help the animals by purchasing some of the lovely products at the store.

We think this dashing painting of a rooster looks strikingly like Arturo!