Protest The Grand National Rodeo in California

For 70 years, the Cow Palace has hosted the Grand National Rodeo.

Recently, animal lovers caught footage of bulls being kicked, shoved, poked with sharp implements and being stunned with electric cattle prods. It is obvious from the footage that the animals are afraid and in pain when prodded and kicked.

In this video, you can see a man use a retractable pen as a weapon, stabbing it repeatedly into the flanks of the bulls being prepped for riding. You will see "cowboys" step on, kick at, and mistreat a cream-colored bull who does not wish to move forward. The bull is hit repeatedly and the strap around his groin is tightened in an attempt to get him to move. His tail is twisted and pulled in an effort to cause a pain avoidance response of moving forward. Finally, an individual uses what appears to be a cattle electric prod to move the animal forward.

Is this really an American "past-time" to be proud of?

The use of electric prods is a violation of California state animal cruelty laws. The rodeo company responsible for the bulls in this video - Flying U Rodeo Company - was fined in 2008 by the City of Hayward for using illegal electric prods.

What YOU Can do:

Live in the Bay Area? Attend the protest this Saturday
The protest will be at the Cow Palace
Cow Palace
2600 Geneva Ave
Daly City, CA
Between 6:00-7:30 pm
Signs and banners will be provided by the promoters of this event. 

Don't Live in the Bay Area?
Andrew Zollman, founder and director of LGBT Compassion, notes that "the Mounted Unit of the San Francisco Police Department  has been performing at this rodeo.  We have reported these violations to the Tactical Company of the Police Department  and expressed concerns about the City of San Francisco supporting this illegal animal cruelty. The Police Department is investigating and considering whether or not it will continue to be involved in this rodeo."
Contact: Captain John Loftus, Tactical Company, 415-832-8300. Discourage the Mounted Unit of the San Francisco Police Department from participating in this rodeo, especially in light of footage depicting violations of our state's anti-cruelty laws.