New Lamb!!

That's right! We welcomed another lamb to the sanctuary. She and Aiden have bonded quickly, and we are so happy Aiden now has a buddy. The new lamb (we're in the process of naming her) is a chocolate-colored Merino. She is a "bummer lamb" - a lamb, for whatever reason, abandoned by her mom. She's nearly a week old and quite the little princess.

Here she is being adorable:

And here she is hanging out with Aiden:

Cute Pups woof it up at Animal Place!

Six dogs from Mexico arrived for a week's stay at the sanctuary. They will soon head off to rescues for permanent placement. Compassion Without Borders rescues dogs from Mexico, then transports them to various placement agencies in California.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Check out: for pictures to come.

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Piglets enjoying the sun

While rain is what we need, the sun is what we are getting as of late. The pigs love the nice weather, and spend the day snoozing, sunbathing and grazing.

Here are three of our pigs (piglets, actually) munching on some grass.
Claire is on the left, Chester in the middle and Owen on the right. It's hard to believe, but these piglets will soon weigh in at 500-600 pounds!


Welcome to the Animal Place blog, where you can get an inside scoop into sanctuary life, upcoming events, and ways to help animals.

But before that, just what IS Animal Place? We are a sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of farmed animals...cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep and even rabbits. We also provide temporary housing for dogs from local shelters and Mexico. Besides rescue, we strive to educate the public about factory farming, veganism and ways to help animals.

We're located in Vacaville, California (an hour from San Francisco) on 60-acres of rolling hillside. There are over 300 animals at the shelter, from 2,000 lb Howie, the steer to 2lb Cecilia, the chicken. We offer tours, volunteer opportunities, internships, cooking classes and workshops.

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