Cute Pups woof it up at Animal Place!

Six dogs from Mexico arrived for a week's stay at the sanctuary. They will soon head off to rescues for permanent placement. Compassion Without Borders rescues dogs from Mexico, then transports them to various placement agencies in California.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Check out: for pictures to come.


KleoPatra said...

Love 'em! (i already do and i am at ease knowing you are doing just that...)

Candi said...

You do wonderful work. I love the photos!!

Anonymous said...

I love the work you do. I have a question though. What type of health risks are there to the US animal population when animals from other parts of the world are brought in? I am aware of problems with rabies and some paracites that are almost gone in the US but out of control in other areas. What measures are taken and what guarentees that other problems are not being imported with the animals rescued?

Why not keep the rescued animals in native rescue homes and give the residents the support they need for healthy animals? Seems like that would be a long term solution.

Anonymous said...

You once said:"Every day, seven days a week, we pick up hundreds and hundreds of pounds of produce, day-old produce—and everybody eats it."
Are you starving these dogs and denying them the protiens and essential amino acids that dogs need from meat?

eatyourveggies said...
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eatyourveggies said...

In response to your question, anonymous, dogs can be perfectly healthy without eating meat. I have a 16-year-old Lab mix who has been vegan since 2001 and was almost vegan for three years before that, and she is in great health in her ripe old age. Dogs--like people--need particular nutrients (like protein) but can get those nutrients in various ways, so feeding a dog a vegan diet is not "starving" animals or "denying" them anything they need to be healthy.

I have had about 5 different vets over the years that my dog has been vegan (because of my moving, the vet moving, etc.), and none of them have had a problem with her diet or even been concerned about it. I feed her a store-bought formula that is nutritionally complete in and of itself, and (because I spoil my dog a bit) I usually supplement it with vegan canned food or some other protein-rich food I'm cooking myself, like grains or legumes, which my dog loves.

The meat that is used in commercial pet food is awful (cancerous tumors as well as rendered cats and dogs from shelters), and buying more high-end meat-based dog food means additional animals are being killed for the sake of our special animal friend, which is something I don't feel ok about. Either way it is financially supporting the industries that abuse the animals at Animal Place have been rescued from.

Since dogs can be healthy as vegans, I think human vegans owe it to the cows and chickens and other farmed animals to give companion animals vegan food. I really appreciate that Animal Place is ethically consistent in following this practice.

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