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Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Ban Gestation Crates
You can thank Senator Ginny Burdick for introducing this legislation:

(SALEM) - The Oregon State Senate approved a measure today prohibiting what has been called one of the most abusive practices in factory farming: confining breeding pigs in metal gestation crates so small the animals can’t turn around for months on end.
Salem News

California Assembly Committee Passes Spay and Neuter Bill
Most dogs and cats would have to be spayed or neutered under legislation approved Tuesday by an Assembly committee.
The measure by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Sherman Oaks, cleared the Business and Professions Committee on a 7-2 vote, sending it to the Appropriations Committee, the last stop before the full Assembly.

SF Chronicle

Thousands of Pigs Fed Tainted Pet Food
Up to 6,000 hogs in California , Kansas , New York , North Carolina , Oklahoma , South Carolina, and Utah that ate pet food tainted with industrial chemicals cannot be safely sold to humans, federal authorities said yesterday, and should be euthanized at the farms where they have been held from the market. Several hundred of the swine have already entered the human food supply.
Boston Globe


DesertWinds said...

You can love Purebred Dog, even one with a title of two, just as much as one adopted from a shelter. I challenge anyone to doubt my detection, love and frankly flat-out adoration of my dogs.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Wendy Merendini, I live in Ridgecrest, CA, located NE of LA in the High Desert. I am a life long dog owner/lover. When I was 10, I started in 4-H and my main project was Guide Dogs – I raised four, one Golden Retriever and 3 German Shepherds for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. My first, the Golden was rejected from the program and came to our family as our pet – she was my best friend for many years.

Now I share my life with six beautiful and wonderful Borzoi. They have my heart, each and every one. Of my six Borzoi – I actually have known four from the moment of their birth. Yes – I am one of those evil dog Breeders. Those people who work hard to educate any and all about dogs and responsible dog ownership, one of those people who test for every health problem of their individual breed, who rigorously checkout anyone interested in a puppy from a litter prior to selling, who keeps up with all puppy buyers and will take back any puppy no matter how many years have past… Yep, one of those…

Then there Shelter issue. Have you ever wondered why it is rare to see purebreds in shelters? Every Breed organization has a rescue organization that list contact persons at shelters thought the country, if dog of “whatever” breed comes in that breed’s contact persons are notified and that dog is picked up and is put into Breed rescue (which mean someone’s home) and soon placed. Responsible? Kind? Dog Advocate? Can it be that Dog Breeders can be those things?

Why cannot we work together? Ultimately it is the Dog that benefits, correct? Advocating Spay and Neuter of all dogs no matter what is not a logical position. Have you done the research on hysterectomies on four month old pups? Do you know that there for complications of that surgery that can affect her future health and can even kill her? Urinary tract issues is one, stomach problems is another. Did you know that new research shows that early castrations does not prevent cancers but does is large breeds (mine for one) porous bone growth, dogs to grown to large and to be “unthrifty” among a variety of other issues.

Why is it not possible to conceive that there are Responsible Dog People out there that love dogs, love showing their dogs, do responsibly breed a litter here and there and all is done with the greatest love and concern for the welfare of the Dog? Bills like the current AB1634 are a good example of a horrible law for all Responsible dog people. It will not affect the number of dogs or cats in shelters on whit, it creates a terrible divide among folks who should be working together for the welfare of the dog. I encourage you to use your voice to bring all dog and cat lovers together in harmony to put out efforts to education and true animal welfare efforts. Such as stopping the sell of cats and dogs at pet stores – no Responsible Breeder EVER sells to a pet store. You want to go after puppy and cat mills – ask Dog and Cat Responsible Breeders! Mills will always ignore mandatory spay and neuter laws. Dog and Cat Responsible Breeders can tell you how to spot them. But supporting laws that threaten OUR dogs does not make us partners.

Anonymous said...

you do not sound like an evil
dog breeder, but a responsible one.
I must let you know that there are
thousands of purebred dogs in shelters. I have done my research
and this is a fact.