Tell Lollypop Farm to stop serving meat!

Humane societies are in a unique position - they have a chance to be leaders in compassion. But some shelters are still serving meat at fundraising events. How can humane societies promote a vision of "preventing cruelty" to animals when they serve the flesh of those they shelter?

In this alert, we focus on one shelter - Lollypop Farm in New York. They strive to place all animals, from cattle to dogs into loving, permanent homes. Their programs include pet-assisted therapy, senior citizen pet assistance, spay and neuter incentives, and tours.

Unfortunately, while Lollypop adopts out cattle, goats, sheep, turkeys, and chickens, they also serve them at their fundraising events, including their upcoming fundraiser, the Barktober Fest on October 6.

The policy of serving meat is not in alignment with Lollypop's vision statement, which includes treating "all fellow beings with care, compassion and respect." This vision will not be achieved while meat is still served at events.

We need your help letting Lollypop Farm know that the only humane menu policy of an animal shelter is a vegetarian one.

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Write a letter to Lollypop Farm
Ask the shelter to take meat off their October 6, Barktober Fest menu and to implement a vegetarian menu policy at their fundraising events. Thank them for their commitment to helping animals, and that all animals would be better served by NOT being served for dinner.

Write to:
Alice Calabrese, executive director
Lollypop Farm
99 Victor Road
Fairport, New York 14450

Talking Points for your letters:

1) Serving meat at fundraising events contradicts the mission of Lollypop Farm, which includes preventing cruelty to animals.

2) A vegetarian menu policy is not extreme; it aligns Lollypop's behavior with its vision (treating fellow beings with compassion). With so many animal friendly options available, it is senseless to continue serving meat at events.

3) With a policy of adopting farmed animals out to people who will not kill, breed or eat them, Lollypop is being disingenuous by permitting the flesh of farmed animals at fundraising events.

4) Humane societies should not serve who they shelter. Several of Lollypop's rescued farmed animals were to be killed and eaten, how can one group of animals be given protection while another be served at Lollypop's fundraising events?

5) Humane shelters have the opportunity to be leaders in compassion. They exist not to bend to what is accepted, but strive to do what is right.

6) Personal dietary choices should not be confused with organizational menu policies. No one is being asked to modify their own dietary preference, but an animal organization should not serve meat at their shelter-sponsored events.

While requesting that Lollypop Farms not serve meat at their events, please also thank them for the work they are doing to lessen the suffering of animals.

To learn more about Animal Place's effort to encourage shelters to adopt a vegetarian policy, request a copy of our Food for Thought pamphlet or download from our website at: