Animals rescued from slaughterhouse arrive

Six goats and two sheep are safe and sound at Animal Place after being rescued by Santa Cruz County animal control services from
a slaughterhouse. The goats and sheep are in poor shape, suffering from malnourishment, respiratory infections and hoof problems. Here, they will find kindness, good food, medical care and a bright future.

Twenty goats, two sheep, one cow and two rabbits are lucky survivors of a cruelty investigation Watsonville, California. Nearly a hundred pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, rabbits and chickens remain at the site. The animals were part of a live market and slaughterhouse, where buyers pick an animal to be killed and butchered on site.

Even though the animals had no food, no water, no shelter, even though they were skinny, diseased, with some unable to walk, state agricultural officials deemed the facility in compliance with state laws. That will only change when people stop seeing farmed animals as commodities and start seeing them as sentient beings, as capable of pain as dogs and cats.

We need your help!
The lucky eight at Animal Place need intensive care. They all have respiratory infections, overgrown hooves, and need special feed to get healthy. You can help with their recovery and rehabilitation by donating today. We rely exclusively on the kindness of people like you to help us help the animals.

Homes needed - after they get healthy, we'd love to find compassionate homes for these rescued goats and sheep. If you are interested in adoption, please contact us at or 707-449-4814. The animals won't be ready for placement for at least a month.