Howie and Nicholas Reunited

I can't believe we didn't post this here! Sorry!

Howie is a little older and slowing down a bit. Due to some severe arthritis, he spent some solo time on vet-approved stall rest. After two weeks, it was time to let Howie out. We were not sure how the other two bovines, Sadie & Nicholas would take it - they had kept a vigil near Howie's enclosure, so we assumed they would be happy at his release.

What we didn't expect was the love-fest between Howie and Nicholas. For hours, they would groom one another, bump heads and maintain physical contact with one another. What a joyous reunion! By the end of the day, Nicholas' head was a giant spit-ball, though he was definitely squeaky clean. It is beyond our understanding how anyone can claim cattle and other farmed animals don't have emotions or can't form bonds. Howie and Nicholas show otherwise!


Vegan Girl said...

So cute! Howie and Nicholas are the sweetest and I can't wait to see them on Nov.22nd. -Roni from Daisy Wares