Californians: Support AB 1122

Every year in California, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians are sold at flea markets, swap meets and on the side of the road. These animals suffer from health problems and are often housed in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions.

The animals are generally purchased on impulse by people who are not educated on how to properly care for their new companion animal.

Selling animals in flea markets, swap meets and alongside the road needs to stop - animals are suffering and dying because sellers care more about money than the overall health and welfare of the animals.

There is a bill before the California legislature that would end the cruel practice of selling animals at flea markets and swap meets.

How You Can Help:

AB 1122, authored by Assemblymember Ted Lieu, will prohibit the sale of animals along street corners and flea markets. The hearing is on April 21st, next Tuesday and your voice is urgently needed. Please take a moment to call or email your state Assemblymember and urge him or her to SUPPORT AB 1122. The animals are counting on you. A sample letter is below.

If you don't know the name of your state Assemblymember, there are two ways to find it:
  • Go HERE and enter your zip code and press "search". You will be given the name and contact information of your Assemblymember.
  • Call the California Government Information Hotline at 916-322-9900. Give the operator your address - the operator will tell you the name of your Assemblymember. You can also leave your message for him/her through the operator.
Letters can be addressed to:
The Honorable [full name of Assemblymember]
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Sample Letter:

Dear Assemblymember,

I am writing in strong support of AB 1122, which will address the sale of animals at swap meets, flea markets and on street corners.

Dogs, cats and other companion animals are being sold at flea markets and swap meets in terrible conditions. These
companion animals often are kept in overcrowded pens or cages that are unsanitary, without food and/or water, in extreme heat and direct sunlight. They are handled by shoppers and purchased on impulse.

In addition, puppies and other animals are being sold along roadsides. There are instances where the animals are sold, only to die of illness a few days later - illness that could have been prevented if the animals had received proper care from those breeding them for profit.

Please lend your support to AB 1122. Thank you.


[Your name and address]


Anonymous said...

This bill makes entirely too much sense. Which is why its chances for passage in the Legislature are problematic.

Anonymous said...

If passed it will be a wonderful beginning to helping these poor animals and getting rid of the persons making money off them with no remorse. ^..^

Anonymous said...

As a reptile breeder this bill would not enable me to sell my animals at reptile expos around the state. There needs to be some re-working of this bill. Yes, dogs sold at flea markets and such are usually kept in terrible condition until sold and hopefully to a good family or owner. I, as a breeder, make sure not to sell my animals to just anyone. I make sure the person has done their research and is able to house the animals I sell. I actually CARE about my animals, for sale or for my own pets. Many breeders out there (especially in the herp field) are responsible in selling their animals. I will NOT support this bill.

Anonymous said...


This bill seeks to BAN the sale of animals that are NOT "traditionally" sold through pet shops. This would include many different animals INCLUDING reptiles. My animals are not neglected. I do sell the offspring and trade with others.

This is an attempt to end ALL Reptile Shows and "face to face" sales that are the basis for much of how the middle and high end of our market distributes animals. It would eliminate almost ALL sales except from pet shops.

Reptile Shows and open air auctions/sales would come to an end in CA.

This Bill just furthers Peta's goal at total separation of humans and animals. Don't BS people here and tell them it's for the good of the animal.

Cassandra said...

Maybe you havent considered what this would do to other people. Horse owners in specific. How are we as horse owners suppose to sell or trade our horses we have? Oh thats right, under this bill we wont be able to. We will however be controlled more by the government on how we conduct our lives. Maybe, just maybe we should think of human beings and how they need to survive and stop thinking about saving "precious" animals. I would rather save myself over a bird, fish, reptile, or even a horse, if it meant my survival or theirs. Guess thats just reality. People need to stop and think before trying to be "animal friendly" because it makes them look good.