California Rabbit Rescues Need Help

Northern Californian rabbit rescues have been slammed in the past weeks with several large rescues and cruelty cases. They need immediate help with placement and care of these rescued bunnies. Please look below to see if you can help these rabbits out.

Grass Valley, CA - 27 rabbits
The Grass Valley city shelter confiscated more than two dozen rabbits from an abandonment case in which the rabbits were left without food and water. These are incredibly social and friendly rabbits, mostly lion-rex mixes. Unfortunately, these are the exact opposite of the type of rabbits Animal Place can consider taking (and we could not take 27, by any stretch). These animals need to find homes as soon as possible. The city shelter is considering pressing animal cruelty charges, so it's wonderful they are taking this seriously.

Please contact the shelter at (530) 477-4630.

Martinez, CA - 100 rabbits
An individual involved in selling rabbits was found to have more than 100 rabbits in various stages of poor health, including several dead rabbits on site. The rabbits have been breeding uncontrollably. Many are young and will do well in a companion home. For more information, please visit this blog or Rabbit Haven and find out how you can help.