Animal Place Photo Flashback - Boris Rabbit

Photo Taken: August 5, 2009

Boris is one of more than a hundred rabbits rescued from a school-yard. Years ago, a teacher with a few intact rabbits decided they weren't worth the effort. Instead of finding placement for them, this educator taught a bad lesson - she released them on the school grounds. Soon the place became a dumping ground for unwanted rabbits. Rampant breeding led to an explosion in the population. School officials wanted to kill the rabbits, but rescuers intervened and achieved a legal victory. Instead of death, rescuers would capture the rabbits, neuter them, and place them into homes or sanctuaries. Animal Place took in seven.

Rabbits can make wonderful companions, but it is important to research their care first. They prefer a less hands-on approach to their care and, as prey animals, can perceive being held as an attack. They do best with older children and adults, as most rabbits do not enjoy the grabby and often frenetic energy of young children. They can live 8-12 years and a cage should NEVER be their primary method of confinement.