Ella Taller Than A Barn!

Ella BellaElla is actually small but loves it when I take photos giving the illusion she is the height of a barn.

Last year, Ella did not even have a barn to call home. She escaped from a dairy farm, no longer interested in being milked or bred or losing her babies to auction.

The farm could not catch her, because Ella is wily and smart. She evaded capture and soon the farm gave up. Animal control tried to catch her and they too failed.

A woman noticed the lone goat and started the long process of befriending her. She bought hay and grain. She opened up a small barn for the goat to nestle down in at night, if she so desired. At no point did she ever push Ella.

But Ella needed a family, a herd. Other neighbors were not so kind, not interested in a goat running through their unfenced yards. Some were letting their dogs chase the little white goat. And others threatened to shoot her.

The woman needed to act fast. She called us and we drove out trailer out that day. A lone goat very quickly can become a dead goat. We thought it would take days to catch her. She would not come near us, and the sound of the trailer and truck frightened her.

We asked the woman to try. We hid, out of sight. It took her fifteen minutes to get Ella into the back of that trailer. Fifteen minutes. That doesn't encapsulate all of what it took to save Ella - it took an immense amount of patience and kindness too.

Now Ella is with a herd of rescued goats. She will live out her life at the sanctuary.

And she loves being taller than a barn!