The Joys of Chicken Sweaters

If you don't visit our website (and you should!) or our facebook page (what?!), then you might not have seen the photos of the chickens in their new sweaters!

A knitting club created 10 sweaters for the birds to try out. The chickens live in a really large barn and it can be hard to keep them warm at night.

The risk of fire means we cannot use heat lamps, so we have to find other creative ways to keep the birds cozy. Chickens are descendents of wild jungle fowl and really dislike the cold. They can even get sick.

The egg-laying breeds suffer the most, as they are wasting all their energy on producing eggs, they are not laying down fat and muscle.

Sunny Likes Her Sweater
Sunny loved her sweater!
Killer Sweater
Killer poses nicely with his

Big Red in a Chicken Sweater
Big Red looks nice in pink
Sharktooth Thinks Sweaters Are STupid
Sharktooth didn't exactly enjoy the new outfit


Unknown said...

I have 7 girls that all seem to want to molt this winter in some fashion. With the continued frost here in Napa I too worry that they are not staying warm enough. This is most ingenious and what nice women to make these sweaters for the girls! Love the names you have given some of the birds! This makes my heart light just reading this!!!! Happy New Year