Happy ending, new beginning

A year ago, Animal Place took on a challenge - to help place 100 hens and 30 chicks rescued from a cockfighting breeding operation.

The birds came to the sanctuary parasite-ridden and with respiratory problems. Most survived, some just couldn't overcome their previous mistreatment.

We called on our members, volunteers, friends and family to help. And a year later, we are proud to say that all of the rescued hens and roosters have been placed in permanent, loving homes.

Along with the placement of all the birds comes good news that Louisiana has become the final state to outlaw cockfighting - it is now illegal in all 50 states! The battle isn't over - we want to see all fifty states consider cockfighting a felony, along with being present at a cockfight. We will continue to advocate on behalf of all the farmed animals, including the unfortunate roosters and hens used to fight and breed more fighting animals. Our society must take a stand against animal cruelty - banning all blood-sports is a step in the right direction.


Tamara said...

Is this where our Chuck Norris came from?

Animal Place said...

Hey Tamara,

Yep, that's where Chuck Norris came from - how's he doing?

Tamara said...

He is doing great, as are the new gals. All eight of them seem to do fine together. The new ones get pecked once in a while by the old ones, but it's very minor and all within the normal range. I guess that's why it's called a 'pecking order'. :-)

We're having a hard time naming the new ones; I think my main problem is that I can't figure out any way to tell them apart! But they are so sweet. Much more docile and friendly than the first ones we got. They let you hold and pet them and you have to be careful not to step on or trip over them when you go outside because they swarm so close to your feet.


We love them all.