Many Thanks!

While we all wring our hands and worry over the elections, especially the (no doubt positive) fate of Proposition 2, I'm posting some gratitude.

A big Thank You to the following: for coming out and making vegan pizza for our volunteer appreciation party. Nearly 20 of our dedicated volunteers (who deserve a big Thanks of their own) came out to make sure the chickens and bunnies were healthy. Only after some free labor did we celebrate their awesomeness. makes a mean pesto pizza - I think our volunteers and staff went through six and could have gone through more but there was this thing called dessert. Thank you SFVegan for being so kind and generous with your pizza-making skills!

Sugar Plum Vegan for donating a platter of mouth-watering vegan desserts for our aforementioned volunteer appreciation party. When I say mouth-watering, I mean it. The Creamie Sandwich Cookies make Oreos look like pixie-sized wimps. Seriously. We enjoyed the Blondies, Gluten free chocolate chip cookies and chocolate dipped macaroons.

McFarland Designs: Every month a charity is chosen to receive 5% of McFarland Designs' sales. For October, Animal Place received $500 toward the purchase of the new 590-acre sanctuary. Not only is McFarland Designs a vegan jewelry maker but its founder is a wonderful friend to the animals - she adopted a total of eight chickens (one of whom is named after me, yay!) from Animal Place. She's adopted ducks and will be welcoming two turkeys from another sanctuary as well.

DaisyWares: A dedicated animal rights activist and lover, DaisyWares founder Roni donates 10% of her store's proceeds to Animal Place. Her jewelry is fantastic (I have a pair of the faux pearl earrings, go faux, go!) and her vegan chapstick is tasty (I mean literally). Check out her shop for some inspirational vegan gifts.

For those of you who have voted or plan to vote within the next three hours (in California, anyways), thank you. If you're in California and haven't voted yet: Think compassion, tolerance and kindness. We won't tell you how to vote on the 11 other propositions (except to again think "tolerance") but we definitely encourage you to vote Yes on Prop 2.

-Marji Beach, Education Coordinator


Barna said...

You're very welcome, we're glad you liked the pizza! We had fun on Saturday. And remember, you can always go to, my pizza baking site, and watch the video to learn how to make these pizzas yourself. :)

Vegan Girl said...

Aw, thanks for the mention. Any where Daisy Wares is on the Internet I always mention Animal Place. I always enjoy making those monthly donations to AP because I know the money is going to helping all the animals.

Mark Hawthorne said...

Great sanctuary + great people + great food = a great day. Thanks, Animal Place!