Prop 2 Passes!

You have spoken loud and clear - Yes on Proposition 2! In a landslide victory for the animals, you resoundingly passed Proposition 2, giving more room to the 19 million hens, calves and pigs protected by this measure.

To everyone who spent their mornings, evenings and weekends gathering signatures to get this on the ballot - thank you.

To all the volunteers who leafleted, phone-banked, told their friends, families and coworkers to vote yes - thank you.

To the people who got endorsements and donated their money to getting ads aired - thank you.

To the dedicated, tireless campaign team - a huge thank you for all your hard work.

To you - the voter - thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless.

And to the Humane Society of the United States - thank you for making this happen.

This isn't ending the cruelty inherent to farming, only not eating animals does that. But it is allowing animals enough room to engage in the most basic of behaviors - turning around, stretching their limbs, lying down and standing up. Let's continue the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and continue promoting veganism, compassion and better treatment of farmed animals.

-Marji Beach, Education Coordinator