Aviagen Turkey workers charged with felonies!

Three former Aviagen Turkey workers have been indicted on 19 counts of animal cruelty, 11 of them felony level charges.

The workers are accused of stomping on turkeys heads and wringing the necks of helpless birds.

There is no victory for the turkeys, though. The truth is that institutionalized cruelty is the norm in the turkey industry.

All production birds are artificially inseminated, a dirty and stressful process for both the birds and the workers. Turkeys are genetic nightmares, bred to produce so much weight that bone breaks and hip fractures are all too common. Morbid obesity has the same negative effect on the birds as it does on humans. We encourage a reduction and elimination of ALL animal products from your life. Compassion starts with you and can help end the exploitation of these amazing animals.