March Sanctuary Birthdays!!

It's the first installment of the Who's Having a Mooday at the sanctuary event!

I'm your host, Copper. I am an expert on birthdays having had three of my own. I like to keep track of the birthday scoop at the sanctuary because it keeps my mind sharp.

Anyway, on to the March Lineup - you can check out a picture of these awesome critters by clicking on their name.

This month, Sadie turns eleven! The bovine matriarch arrived at Animal Place June of 2005 after spending her early years as a dairy cow. Dairy cows are tragically killed when they're only 4-6 years of age even though they can live much, much longer. Sadie is a big proponent of soy and almond milk but her favorite fruit is the apple. Personally, I like grapes but Sadie's nose is twice as big as me, so I bow to her expertise.

Bruce, the most handsome of red pigs with spots (he's the only one, shh don't tell him!) is turning ten! His story is tragic; in January of 2004, Animal Place staff discovered him starving on a piece of property. He was literally a skeleton with a hide draped over. Now a good, healthy weight, Bruce prefers porcine company to human - I can't say I blame him. I prefer Stella the leghorn's company to Willow the turkeys (mainly because she tries to peck my beautiful head, how rude!)

In ovine (clucktionary word of the day!) news, Etta turns 9 and Virginia turns 8. Sanctuary staff are guessing on their ages, seeing how they spent their formative years elsewhere. Both of these sheep came from, get this, a slaughterhouse! I didn't know those things were still around! These days, the two ladies (and Virginia's rascally lamb, Leonard) spend their time munching on grass in their favorite pasture and completely ignoring me. Which is rude, of course, but I understand the allure of green grass very well, so I forgive them.

Susie pig will be turning 8! She's hugely popular at tours, because she's a smooth operator. Kids and adults alike love her for her charming personality. She came to the sanctuary as a young thing with her sister Valerie - they had been used in research when the researcher fell in love with them and didn't want to see them killed. Duh!

Finally, Nate is turning three. This young upstart arrived at the sanctuary in 2008 after his caregiver threatened to shoot him and eat him for jumping the fence! Appalling human behavior, I know. In a big hullabaloo (clucktionary word of the 2nd day), Nate ousted Willy as top goat. It was actually an uneventful affair in which all the goats mutually agreed that Nate should be their new leader. I had been looking forward to an epic goat head butting battle, but my Sunday afternoon plans were thwarted by the couplet-level transfer of power.

Wishing all you March b-days a happy day of birth. Eat lots of grapes. I will on your behalf!

To the rest of you, see you in April!


Becci said...

Hahah Cooper is such a cutie. Happy Birthday to all the animals!

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Aw Happy Birthday lovies! I will see you in April, can't wait!

Megan Rascal said...

Hurray for Pisces! Happy birthday!

LuvDPups said...

Happy Birthday to all the birthdays kids! Here's to living the good life!

Karen said...

Copper has the requisite vocabulary for such an important position. Happy Birthday to all celebrants and many, many more!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a great way to showcase the Animal Place residents, especially for those of us who are not able to make regular visits. Thanks to the compassionate people who rescued them and to Animal Place for providing them with sanctuary, these beautiful animals are able to enjoy their birthdays rolling in the grass (or dirt!) and munching on sweet treats. And thanks to Cooper, we are able to share the birthdays with them!