Overfishing destroying our oceans

70% of the world's fisheries are now targeting "prey" species of fish, because of the degradation of the larger, predatory fish populations from, yes, fishing.

Unable to keep up with human greed, prey fish populations are beginning to decline. And as they decline, so does the health of the sea lions and tuna and salmon - the animals who rely on smaller "prey" fish to survive. Whales may also be affected, losing valuable feed resources and becoming unable to survive their migrations.

As it stands, 80% of all marine fish stocks are fully exploited or depleted or desperately trying to recover from significant losses caused by fishing.

There are serious repercussions of humanity's lust for more and unfortunately the ocean's inhabitants are the latest victims.

It isn't hard to help: Stop eating fish. Get your Omega-3's from flaxseed oil, not fish oil. Choose a sustainable diet that gazes upon a future where fish still swim in the ocean and humans do a better job of coexisting with nature. It's only possible if we change our own behavior now.


Traveller said...

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Becci said...

Great post. These people who brag about ONLY eating "sustainable" fish make me so angry. The devastation of the oceans is a terrible thing indeed.