Animal Spotlight: Virginia & Lenny

It was hard to pick just one of these photos, so here are all three. They look like sheep with a message across the ages, maybe one of hope or kindness. Probably "more apples, please".

Virginia and Lenny are two special sheep. Virginia was rescued from a live-market slaughterhouse. She arrived skinny and with crackling, sickly lungs. At one point, she was in renal failure and we were almost certain she didn't have long to live. On a warm evening, this petite ewe gave birth to one big, healthy lamb. Even the vets were shocked - they had no clue she would be pregnant!

Having a baby transformed Virginia from a sickly, shy ewe to a relatively healthy, protective mom. Her health improved dramatically, even though Lenny proved to be quite the energy suck. Their bond is incredibly strong and we know Lenny will grow up to be as beautiful, gentle and probably as shy, as his mom.