Gilbert Goat

Gilbert was rescued in 2001 after he was left outside in the blazing heat hogtied. In the backyard, his purchasers were preparing to slaughter and eat him. Concerned neighbors contacted animal control, who arrived promptly and confiscated the poor goat. We welcomed the goat to the sanctuary, naming him Gilbert. Even after all these years, Gilbert is still pretty shy around people, though he'll sometimes let us massage his back. We respect that.


Sheila said...

aaah.... Gilbert sweetie.

I've written two emails to you folks. Should I keep writing or should I stop bothering you folks?

Wild Wonders/Zoofari said...

Here at Wild Wonders/Zoofari we appreciate fellow animal sanctuaries like you helping poor Gilbert! We act as a sanctuary for exotic animals that were confiscated, abandoned, etc. We also educate children with these animals, doing programs around the country. Some of our animals have incredible stories. Check us out at

Marji said...

Hi Sheila,

What were the emails about? I can't recall receiving any, sometimes correspondence accidentally ends up in spam.

If the emails are about animals needing placement or something that requires a response, please resend.

Take care,
marji beach
education coordinator