Happy Friday from Willow Turkey hen

Willow would just like to wish you a happy Friday and a great weekend. She is actually wishing I would give her a grape or two, but please do not let that get in the way of believing she cares about which day of the week it is.

Willow came to Animal Place a bit bedraggled and lonely after spending a couple years traipsing through broken glass and dirt on the property of a hoarder. She is one of several animals Animal Place took in or placed. Iris the bunny also lived on that property, though she was stuck in a small wire cage with far too many other rabbits. Animal Place successfully found homes for more than a dozen geese, several ducks, the rabbits and three pigeons.

The only time Willow really likes people is when she is in the mood for love. She follows us around, propositioning us every few feet and acting perturbed when we don't accept her overtures. When we had male turkeys, she'd do everything in her power to evade their detection and would sometimes peck at them if they tried to show her affection. But when she is not in the mood, Willow is very strong in her belief that humans are not her friends. We love her little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for rescuing Willow and her friends from the hoarder and providing them with a forever home at the Sanctuary. I am glad that I support Animal Place where the animals are loved, cared for, and respected, even if they aren't really all that friendly towards humans. Given that many of the AP residents are from abusive situations it is understandable they might have trouble trusting us "two-leggeds".