Handsome sheep, yucky bacteria, hermit crab pain, dog dominance passe

This is Simon being Simon. In August, he will be turning six. He's been at the sanctuary since he was a few days old, rescued from a sheep farm that had abandoned him to the elements. After six years, he's settled down a bit and only rarely tries to headbutt us. :)

A recent report in Scotland establishes, once again, the connection between campylobacter bacterial infections and meat consumption. Between 50-66% of all infections can be traced back to chicken as well as cattle & pig flesh.

A study done at the University of Belfast showed that hermit crabs not only experience pain (i.e. not simply a reflex) but retain memory of it. We have got to get out of the mindset that says fish, crustaceans and those sea animals who we are so unfamiliar with are unable to feel pain.

Research at the University of Bristol is reaffirming what many positive dog trainers have been touting for years - dogs don't see our relationship with them in strict dominance-submission terms and we shouldn't either.