Chickens and turkeys

This is Tulip. Now, I usually associate spring and vibrancy with tulip. Tulip the hen begs to differ. In her opinion, Tulip is angry and full of haughty glares of disdain. We are okay with this Tulip. Spices things up a bit.

Chickens aren't the only residents here, there are turkeys too. And sometimes, rarely really, the chickens and turkeys connect in a positive way. Newman is the rooster on the left and Zarriah is the turkey hen on the right. Newman has been following Zarriah around lately, and this was just a sweet moment of togetherness. No pecking (normal), no fights, no fear, just two different species reaching out.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

They could certainly teach us humans a thing or two. Very touching and sweet!