Making the grade: A Grass Valley Update

This move from our 60-acre sanctuary in Vacaville to a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley has been stressful and exciting....and we haven't even really moved yet!

After finalizing the purchase of the property, setting up our monthly mortgage (you can help with that!), we set out to find the perfect spots for chicken, rabbit, pig and potbellied pig barns. It wasn't easy! We had to work within the guidelines set forth by Nevada County Land Trust which included only building where existing buildings are in place and only adding structures within a 5-acre parcel. It was a challenge, but after weeks of meetings and discussions, we finally decided on four great sites for the barns!

These aren't pictures of the barns (they're not up yet) but are pictures of where the barns will go.

Rabbits have a prime spot - nestled amongst some beautiful trees with an awesome view.

The rabbits will be getting a 1/3 more indoor space and a predator-proof, enriched outdoor area with tunnels and a lot of great and safe digging spots. We think they will be in bunny heaven!

The building in the background is one of the animal caregiver's cottages!

The pig barn is about the same size as our current barn but since the pigs will be getting their very own digs (no sheep, goats or cows allowed!) they will have access to more stalls. Right now, the goats and sheep like to steal stalls from the pigs!

We will be putting in a pig pond at some point and there is a lot of shade to keep our porcine friends cool.

The barn in the background will be for the cattle!

The chickens and turkeys will be enjoying a much more spacious barn and an enriched outdoor area. Their current setup has some steeper sections that are hard to navigate for some birds. The new spot is flat with trees, boulders and shrubbery. The chickens may even get a chance to roost in the trees, a behavior that is very ingrained into these birds.

No pictures of the potbellied pig area yet, but they too will be enjoying a lot more space. Right now, they have four small potbellied pig condos - at the new place, they'll be living the high life in their penthouse suites!

As you can see, a lot is getting done. We can't wait to actually move, but we still need to put up the actual barns, install fencing and make sure the sanctuary is move-in ready for the animals.

We'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

The new place looks like it will be GREAT for the animals! It is further from where I live, but I look forward to visiting sometime and seeing the animals in their new environments.

Jan E. said...

I am so proud of the staff, volunteers and donors who have made this move possible. Now more animals can be taken care of and more education can be done. Animal Place is the best. Thank you for all you do. Jan

Tamara said...

It looks awesome! I can't wait to visit.

BTW, I've been surprised NOT to ever see any of our chickens roosting in the trees they have access to in our yard...???

Marji said...

Hey Tamara,

That's so weird! I understand that with the peepers/broilers it's just a physical difficulty to perch, but I'm surprised your other ladies or Mr. Norris wouldn't try...maybe they are tree snubs. :)

Anonymous said...

What great new place. Must be a lot of work. Good for you!

Tamara: our chickens (not broilers) have access to tree branches but prefer to roost on metal and plastic! Some chickens are just mad.