Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale - SUCCESS!

We've heard lots of awesome, wonderful things about this past weekend's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, but none could make us more happy than hearing that the San Francisco vegan bake sale made a whopping $3,000!!! Three thousand!! And some of that gets to go to the animals at the sanctuary - Howie says that might be enough cash to make a bath of money big enough for his robust girth! East Bay Animal Advocates, another awesome group, will also receive a portion of the proceeds. Yeah.

We want to thank The Urban Housewife and Vegansaurus for organizing the event and also to the folks who donated their time and baked goods! You made many a vegan and non-vegan happy!! You also made the animals at the sanctuary very happy, even though they tell us Happy to them is Cupcakes + Peppermint Patties + Cookies all in their bellahs.

Read about the success and see some mouth-watering photos (seriously, I nearly licked the screen...Frank the potbellied pig says that's gross) here at The Urban Housewife. Please leave a nice comment letting them know they rock for organizing the event and that all the bakers and volunteers are full of vegan-love for donating their time and products for this event.