July Birthdays!!

Yo! It's me Copper, your favorite Birthday Celebrating hen. Okay, so I've been a little loosie-goosie (bird reference, people) since my last entry which was, well, it was awhile ago.

There was a near riot by fellow sanctuary denizens who felt slighted by the fact that I was busy. Yes, it's true. I was busy. Nesting and pecking at the grass and also falling in love. His name is Arturo, he's very sweet and saves grapes for me. So you can understand that I had to spend time with him and my nest and the grass.

But now the grass is dead, I am so over the whole broody nesting business and Arturo is still the love of my life but not so overbearing I can't take some time to update you on the birthdays!

On to the July birthdays! Remember, you can click on the small pictures to see the animals up close and personal (sometimes TOO personal, in my chick-pinion).

This is Olivia and she turns five. She's a potbellied pig with Personality, some may even say she has bigger Personality than me but that's crazy. Olivia has been at the sanctuary since she was my size, which is to say perfectly well-proportioned. Someone was selling her at a flea market, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Iris is what I consider a very pretty rabbit. This is because she has spots and I have spots, so we're practically best friends forever. Iris will be turning four! Now, this will shock you but she was actually stuck in a wire cage for goodness knows how long with a bunch of other rabbits - she could barely turn around! I cannot even imagine. According to the bunny-vine, she's real popular and hasn't let the past get in the way of the present, which is why we're practically best friends forever because this is how I feel too.

Unfortunately, I have to share the chicken enclosure with turkeys. This is a great injustice perpetrated against us chickens by those well-meaning bipeds who do not even realize the great injustice. ANYWAY, I don't want to detract from the birthday celebrations - this is Zarriah. Along with Serena (who looks just like Zarriah) they are turning 9. These two were found wandering the streets of Napa as wee lasses, probably escapees from a "free-range" farm.

Whoa, another turkey? This is Evil Willow. The bipeds just call her Willow. She is turning three and is a grouchy turkey. She puts on a good front with the bipeds, making them think she's all nice and sweet. Wrong! Sometimes she pecks us hens on the head! Rude, I think. But Happy Birthday anyways.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks!

We're using a bunny as the logo for our new vegan clothing business, and I'll be making a page of beautiful real-life bunnies for people to gaze at. Could we please use Iris's photo? It'll be with attribution to Animal Place ... although of course we were going to link to Animal Place anyway.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday to all the July babies!

Anonymous said...

Happy July Birthdays! Thanks to Animal Place, these precious creatures are able to celebrate!

Marji said...

Hey, yes you can use Iris' photo - she would be honored!

Anonymous said...