Summer and Freedom calf update

I have been horribly remiss in my "calf updates" - in fact, it's been an entire MONTH since I last posted anything on Summer and Freedom. I hope your nails have not been chewed down to nothingness because of this.

The calves are doing great. The end.

Just kidding, but they are doing wonderfully. Both look like fat happy calves with Freedom sporting a little Buddha-belly for his nirvana enlightenment training. Summer is still smaller but is gaining weight and feeling good.

They still love sucking on themselves, each other and the rest of us who would prefer to keep our hair to ourselves. The potbellied pigs actually like the nursing, because apparently they are into strange relationships with calves. Matt, the rooster, pretends to dislike the calves by randomly pecking them but also walks under them and through their legs like he's a calf herder or something.

More importantly, pictures!

Oh noes, Summer has no color! He also has an embarrassing piece of straw on his nose, for shame.

This may indicate I have a calf-butt fetish and so what if I do? You can see Summer's hair is coming back. He lost some hair due to his poor health but it's all growing back now.

Holy crap, they are kissing! KISSING. You may now all die from cuteness (if you haven't already from Summer's adorable toosh).

So there you have it, the official Summer and Freedom calf update. You are welcome.


Sheila said...

Thanks for the update. Nothing like cutie pies like these to make you smile. Marji, did you get my email re: Harold?