Gardein Sandwich

You read that right. I was absolutely thrilled to find a whole array of Gardein(tm) Garden Protein stuff at Safeway and had to try some. Safeway was all tempting me with their 2 for $6 deal, so I bought like six. I purchased: BBQ Pulled shreds, santa fe good stuff, tuscan breasts (which sounds naughtier than it is) and something else.

Then I went at it and by "at it", I mean I made sandwiches because I am on a sandwich fix. Today I used the bbq pulled shreds. After getting past the unappetizing name and look of the shreds, I nuked it and prepared my bread and other ingredients for sandwich heaven. Hummus, sprouts, hot sauce also joined the ranks of Stuff I Like A Lot. Three minutes later, I had an epic sandwich that I scarfed down and enjoyed.

Now I have to admit that a lot of the processed soy products are not kind to my stomach. Or intestines. I'm fine with tofu and edamame but a lot of the meat analogs make my gut revolt. Gardein does not, which is possibly a bad thing, as I don't want to overdo all the processed stuff in my diet. I also get a bit creeped out by eating analogs that are supposed to taste like animal flesh. Eww. But for those of you looking for a vegan "meat" analog that might be a bit gentler on the digestion system, check out Gardein.

Anyways, here is photographic evidence of my sandwich. IT WAS SO HARD TO TAKE THIS PICTURE. Caps are necessary to emphasize how hard it was for me to stop, place the sandwich in an appropriately lit area and then take a picture. And by take a picture, I mean 20.

So get out there and enjoy some vegan sandwiches with some Gardein.
Yeah, I ate that. I hope it inspires your vegan culinary skills, of which you need few to enjoy this sandwich.