California Governor mocks animal cruelty

California is once-again facing a budget crisis of epic proportions. Well, certainly epic to those of us who have never owed 23,000,000,000 to anyone. *raises hand*

Is our Governor concerned about finding ways to mitigate this serious problem? Well, of course he is. But he is also interested in using diversionary tactics to mock the legislature for doing one of its jobs - you know, passing laws and stuff.

Specifically, Governor Schwarzenegger
tweeted the following about SB 135, which would ban the painful amputation of cattle tails:

Instead of working on budget, the Legislature is about to debate whether cows can keep their tails while we're in a fiscal crisis
He even had staff stop working on Governor related issues, traipse down to the hearing room where the bill was being heard and film the hearing in order to post a video on youtube. He also took some time to mention the bill at his press conference. I'm almost positive gubernatorial staff have more important things to worry about.

This tweet of the Governator
might have merit if the following conditions were met:
- SB 135 cost taxpayers 23,000,000,000 annually.
- Discussion of SB 135 cost legislators so much time and headache they could not possibly focus on the budget.

According to the analysis, SB 135 will not cost the state much of anything, certainly not anything that is going to put our state any deeper into the red zone. The bill flew through the Senate quickly and is marching on through the Assembly side at a quick pace too, so it isn't as if our legislature is losing sleep or time over SB 135.

Senator Florez, who introduced the bill, says:
“stop tweeting his obsession with cow tails and start tweaking the Budget to move us toward a solution.”

Do people still say "Oh, snap!"? If they do, then have at it.


Giuditta said...

Schwarzenegger has always had a cruel streak. It's well documented.

Lexi said...

Schwartzenegger is an asshole! I am still in shock that he was even considered for such a post much less actually got it! I'm embarrassed to be a Californian. He should be kicked out as he is completely incompetent, ignorant and probably pro-fascism.

Anonymous said...

you are wrong about one thing.. this bill WILL cost the citizens. it create a new crime and that always costs money. Arrests, litigation, public defenders,etc... any new law that create a new crime costs money.. money that the state does not have.. and besides that.. less than 2 percent of cows are 'docked" in Ca.. The practice is already being phased out by farmers on their own..there is no need for a crimal offense and all of the costs associated with same

The Mudslinger said...

So are you saying that cow tails are more important than the state going bankrupt and leaving millions of people without their state benefits? Are you placing cows over people?

Nice priorities you have there...

Lynda Turner said...

I didnt know this about your personality Mr. Schwarzenegger. What a waste of time on my part for liking you all this time. You've lost it and my vote.

Marji said...

That is an interesting interpretation, Mudslinger. I'm not sure if you are being facetious. I would like to hope so, since SB 135 isn't going to make the state bankrupt or deny anyone their state benefits.

Animal Place's motto is compassion to all life - we care about humans and non humans alike. Our emphasis is on farmed animals, but our hearts are open to all.

Marji said...

Hey anonymous,

According to the analysis, the fiscal impact is minimal at best. It "sort of" creates a new crime - it is already illegal to tail dock horses, and cattle are being added.

Statistics vary on how many cows are tail docked, though none that I have read say less than 2%.

Yes, it's being phased out and isn't supported by American or Canadian veterinary medical associations or the association of bovine practitioners. While in an ideal world, it would be nice to just let producers "phase" things out, this bill ensures they will not phase it back in in the state of California.