We have barn lift-off

The potbellied pig barn is up! Sorta! It's still missing a roof, which will offend the potbellied pigs to no end, but hey, it's looking pretty darn stylish. The roof will be up soon and so will the other barns. After that, we have the hefty task of figuring out fencing and predator protection. We've been meeting weekly on the fencing issue - who knew a bunch of metal posts could require such intense discussion! But it's so important to make sure the animals have the right amount of space with appropriate fencing...and that we can afford it! You can help by donating some funds or getting us a sweet deal on t-posts and 4" field fencing (not 4" tall, mind you).


Tamara said...

How exciting! I'll have a check in the mail to you on Monday. :-)