Wishing and Hoping!

I’m Willy and I am here to ask for a favor. You see, I have many wishes and I’m hoping you will help fulfill them. Once I’m settled at the Grass Valley sanctuary, I will have needs. You can help make me a happier goat by perusing this list and seeing what you can donate. Send them c/o of Willy, I will make sure they either get eaten or sent to the right department. Happy giving!

This is the most important section. Help me help myself to some cherry and strawberry plants!

Garden Needs

Bare-root or potted fruit and nut trees (apple, peach, cherry, plum, fig, olive, chestnut)

Raspberry/strawberry plants

Perennial herbs

Ornamental (native) plants

Shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.

Animal Care Needs

Stock trailer

Hopper silos for grain storage

Econoline (or comparable) van for animal transport

Gift certificate from Western Feed and Supply, 707-448-6568


Mountain grass

Oat hay

Farm Equipment/Vehicle Needs



Mountain bikes for farm transport - any condition.

Steel T-posts for fencing

5’ high field fencing

Trailer (mobile home)

Treated wood posts for fencing

Irrigation pipe and fittings

4-WD truck

Camper Shell for Toyota T-100

Outreach/Office Needs

Office desks

Laptop computer

Digital DSLR camera

Folding chairs

Picnic tables w/ benches

Gas barbeques

Kitchen cabinetry


Hardwood and dimension lumber


Misc Needs

Digital weather station

Have any of these items?

Email us at info@animalplace.org and let us know! All in-kind donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Every gift you donate makes a huge difference in the lives of the animals at the sanctuary!