Painting in honor of Harold

A few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to Harold, the most-awesome of Pygmy goats. There's a gaping hole in the goat herd. Mostly, I miss his voice. He had a grumpy old-man yell you could hear from across the sanctuary grounds. Towards the end, as a lemon-sized lump began to squeeze his lungs painfully, he stopped talking. The silence was unbearable.

Then we received an email from Sheila who is a gifted artist with an interesting background in forensic art. She asked to paint Harold and how could we say no?

Here is the result - we love it! Thank you so much, Sheila! The staff now has another way to remember our special friend, Harold. We have not decided exactly what we wish to do with the painting but whatever we do, it will always be to honor Harold and his grumpy voice.

Also check out Art for the Animals, a nice little project to help shelters and other rescues.