Rescued roosters need your help

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Eastern Shore Sanctuary are both desperately seeking homes for roosters rescued in two separate incidents.

New York
New York City has hundreds of live-markets where people can purchase live animals for slaughter. Many of these markets are illegal. Animals are housed in overcrowded cages, abusively treated and cruelly slaughtered.

Recently, humane investigators in New York city confiscated 200 animals from a Bronx Halal market. Chickens, guinea fowl, rabbits and pigeons were among the animals saved. Woodstock agreed to take in the 120 chickens.

More than 80 of the birds are roosters. They are looking for compassionate homes. If you can provide a home to a rooster or two, please contact Woodstock with subject line "Possible Rooster Adoption".

Several months ago, 21 roosters were confiscated from a cockfighting bust.  Eastern Shore Sanctuary, who specializes in rehabilitating and working with former "fighting" roosters, will take in 8 of the birds. The remaining need placement by October 6 - next Tuesday. Otherwise, they will be killed.

It is a common misconception that all roosters are highly charged, dangerously aggressive birds bent on world destruction. Roosters are protectors, providers and friends. With the proper hen:rooster ratio and enough room, multiple roosters can cohabitate peacefully for years. At Animal Place, we have 15 roosters, 13 of whom live peaceably with one another - minor squabbles do occur, but that is true of the hens as well.

Roosters from fight busts can be integrated into flocks, depending on their personality and temperament. Eastern Shore has graciously offered phone and email assistance in caring for and integrating a rescued "fighting" rooster into a flock.

For more information, please contact Eastern Shore asap.

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