Art for the Animals

We mentioned at the end of September that Sheila Tajima had created beautiful paintings to help the animals at the sanctuary. She has done a few more paintings that we wanted to share with you.

The portrait of Nate sold for $62!

Little Lenny

Lenny's mother was rescued from a slaughterhouse while pregnant. He was born on the hillsides of Animal Place.

This September he turned one!

The art is 12x6" and is signed by the author.

You can bid here.

Awesome Aiden

 Aiden looks so beautiful in this portrait!

He was abandoned after birth, left alone in a stormy field. He'll be turning three in January. He loves people, preferring them to other sheep.

The painting is 10x8" on artboard, signed by the author.

You can bid here.

 Susie - "Oh Sweet Susie"

Susie is one of the sweetest pigs at the sanctuary. She always has a moment to take with you, ambling over with her beautiful sway and gentle grunts.

The medium is oil, the size 6x6". It is signed by the author.

There are 2 days left to bid here.

There's still time to bid on Sadie & Summer's "Cow Kisses" - one day left!
Summer and Sadie, two of the sweetest bovines to ever walk the earth. Sadie never got a chance to nurse her own babies when she lived in a dairy farm, they were all taken from her at birth. Summer never knew his own mom. Now they both find comfort in one another - Sadie will groom Summer, while Summer does his best to copy all the things Sadie does.

The medium is oil, the size is 8"x10". It is signed by the artist.

You can bid on the Summer & Sadie (Cow Kisses) painting here.

Please bid and help make a difference in the lives of Summer, Sadie, Lenny, Aiden, Suside and all the animals at the sanctuary. In exchange, enjoy a colorful and beautiful tribute to the animals who make Animal Place home.

Also, visit Sheila's blog here. We cannot thank her enough for this generous donation.