Artwork to help the animals

Do you want to bring a little bit of sanctuary to your home? Maybe without the beat of hooves? Now is your opportunity to enjoy a piece of Animal Place through the artwork of Sheila Tajima. Each piece is lovingly painted using oil, rendering a special moment in the lives of the animals at the sanctuary.

Even better, Sheila is kindly donating all proceeds (minus cost of materials) to Animal Place!

First up is Nate, the goat. Even though he is the second youngest goat, he's the patriarch of the herd. Nate's previous caregivers were planning on shooting the goat because he kept jumping the fences. Nate was just lonely, looking for some caprine buddies to keep him company. He has never tried to escape Animal Place, choosing to spend his days with the other goats. His favorite food is leaves.

The medium is oil, the size is 7.75" x 7.75". It is signed by the artist.

You can bid on the Nate painting here.

Next up is Summer and Sadie, two of the sweetest bovines to ever walk the earth. Sadie never got a chance to nurse her own babies when she lived in a dairy farm, they were all taken from her at birth. Summer never knew his own mom. Now they both find comfort in one another - Sadie will groom Summer, while Summer does his best to copy all the things Sadie does.

The medium is oil, the size is 8"x10". It is signed by the artist.

You can bid on the Summer & Sadie (Cow Kisses) painting here.

Please bid and help make a difference in the lives of Nate, Summer, Sadie and all the animals at the sanctuary. In exchange, enjoy a colorful and beautiful tribute to the animals who make Animal Place home.

Also, visit Sheila's blog here. We cannot thank her enough for this generous donation.