Californinans: Help protect wildlife and companion animals

AB 979 is being heard in the California senate and would prevent cities and counties from enacting local laws affecting hunting, trapping and fishing.

The bill would affect local cities/counties rights to ban or restrict the use of painful snares and traps used by "nuisance wildlife" trappers. These traps cause undue suffering to target animals and also trap and harm "non-target" animals, including companion dogs and cats. Threatened and endangered animals may also be caught in these traps.

Counties and local municipalities should retain the power to restrict trapping devices that they deem pose an unacceptable hazard to family pets and children.

You can help - do it today! :
1) Please call Senator Pavley’s office and indicate that you are OPPOSED TO AB 979 (this is also helpful if you are from the Santa Monica area). Her office can be reached at either (916) 651-4023 or (310) 314-5214. Please ask your friends to do the same.

2) If you are from Sacramento, please call Senator Steinberg’s office and urge him to VOTE NO ON AB 979. His number is (916) 651-4006. Please ask Sacramento-area friends to do the same.

3) Pass this information along to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors in California and ask them to do the same.

All you need to say when calling your representative is "I am asking the senator to oppose AB 979". That's it.