Land O'Lakes abuses cows

Land O'Lakes is a $12 billion dollar diversified corporation. It runs a dairy "co-operative" with 7,000 dairy farms across the country.

PETA recently investigated one of the suppliers to Land O'Lakes (the video depicts animal suffering):

If you want to click on the hyperlink above, you will be taken to PETA's page on the investigation, along with a Land O'Lakes contact form.

But here is the deal: The animals do not care if Land O'Lakes requires its suppliers to implement a welfare policy of any type - they care about living, sleeping comfortably, eating, being with friends, nursing their babies. Which is why a dietary change is a lot more helpful to the animals than policy change. We encourage you to remove dairy and cheese from your diet, starting today! Try soy milk in your cereal or almond milk for your baking. Moving toward a compassionate diet is easy - take it as slow or fast as you want and make it an enjoyable, delicious experience!

And as a sadly amusing aside, here is what Land O'Lakes has to say about the video and investigation.
Land O'Lakes does not own cows.
Thus apparently Land O'Lakes is not culpable for buying milk from suppliers that treat cattle horribly? Excellent failure of logic.
Land O'Lakes supports efforts to develop national animal care guidelines and to urge producers to adopt these guidelines
But Land O'Lakes apparently does not feel it is important enough to warrant developing their own animal care guideliness for its suppliers. It's like the classic "bystander syndrome" in which people just hope someone else will fix the problem displaying itself front and center. See a flaming car on the side of the highway? I'm sure one of the thousands of other drivers will call 911! Notice that your dairy supplier sticks knifeblades into the backs of cows? Certainly someone else will develop guidelines to stop that sort of inhumane practice! Way to avoid any ethical responsibility, Land O'Lakes.

PS: Land O'Lakes owns Moark - keeping 24 million hens in cages, it's the egg industry way.


Sheila said...

Oh... this makes me weep and ill....

Stephen said...

I have always purchased Land O' Lakes products.

I had no idea they were associated with this type of animal abuse.

michael said...

Land O' Lakes should stop this animal cruelty. The video clearly shows the violations and someone should be pay.

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Keith said...

I found a great movie, "Cage Free", - a very entertaining thriller about a young woman who is kidnapped because her father is a meat and dairy producer.
When he does not comply with the kidnappers demands, she suffers through a nightmare as she is shown the horrors of factory farming.
People who watch the movie are prompted to question the real cost of their food.