Veggie Grill, why have you forsaken us?

By us, I mean northern Californians. The Veggie Grill is set to open its FOURTH restaurant in West Hollywood. It's other three are in Irvine and El Segundo. Which is great for them. Really.

But us northerners who have tasted the deliciousness that is Veggie Grill want to know when they will start their migration up the coast. We demand satisfaction! I mean, one's a test, two's a training, three's a magic charm of goodness, but four indicates it's time to move on up (and by up, I mean maybe into my kitchen). Is that too much to ask?

This doesn't mean we'll stop loving the Herbivore or the Cha-Ya or the Millenium or the myriad other veg-friendly restaurants in the greater Bay Area. That would be insane. But another vegan, affordable, restaurant would be nice. And by nice, I mean delicious.

So, if you are a northerner like us, and you have tasted the goodness of Veggie Grill, how about sending them an email suggesting an expansion to their northern californian vegetarian compatriots? You can email them. Be nice. They hold the key to the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' Sandwich, which is so good you might sell your soul just for a nibble.