Mom and Lamb Moment, it's a classic

This was taken almost a year ago. Lenny is on the left, a small, week-old lamb seeking and finding solace with his wise, old mother, Virginia. She had spent years on a wool farm, then her fleece quality declined and, well, her "service" was honored with a trip to an unsavory feedlot that slaughtered the animals on-site. We didn't know she was pregnant, she was so emaciated. And then! A small form, a little life trailing behind his mother on the hillside. Beautiful opportunity for us, so used to seeing animals deprived of maternal contact, to see that most sacred and wonderful of bonds.

This afternoon, I noticed Lenny calling and calling. His head was down, he seemed agitated. Ah, then he found her. His mother. He's almost a year old and mostly spends time with a few other sheep, but ever so often he has these moments of panic. Must find mother! And then they are connected once again, hearkening back to these early moments of bonding, sniffing, touching. This, this moment right here, it is never ever forgotten. It will be remembered by Lenny and Virginia every day of their lives, and they will seek to reenact it, just to keep the lock on this door primed, well oiled, ready to be opened and seen, smelled, experienced again.

Have a happy weekend. Kiss someone on the nose, will you?

Virginia touching noses with baby


Sheila said...

Aaaaaah... thanks for making my morning with this image.

Meleli said...

How very touching.. I hope that the mother has been allowed to live and be near her lamb. So many people don't believe that the young have that close tie with their mothers, yet time and again, they're proven wrong.
Thank you.