The secret lives of rabbits

I know this is egregiously anthropomorphic and probably not in a good way but I would not help myself. The rabbits are perhaps the most mysterious species at the sanctuary. They are curious but not overly so; they do not want to be picked up or cuddled but prefer interaction on their own terms. They are very strict about their social structure but communicate in very subtle ways. They form bonds that are perhaps the strongest at the sanctuary. So meet a few of our residents. I have taken great liberty here, so just enjoy it (or if you hate the whole "giving cutesy voices to animals" then don't read any further).

 I may look shy and coy, but I am tough! They call me Holly, but I prefer Xena, Warrior Princess. Or just Warrior Princess. Or maybe just Warrior!
So what if all the other rabbits shove me away from the food? Or that Cookie made fun of my perfect, pink ears? I am pugnacious, rearing to go, ready to take on any and every challenge.

Exceptions can be made, of course, like when Oscar wants the parsley in my mouth, I give it to him. Sometimes Andy demands my sunbeam and doesn't want to share, so I move to another spot. But still, I'm what you'd call a pugilist, a real...oh hey Emily, oh, did you want some time to share? Oh okay, well, have at it....

Hey, thanks Holly! Let's share lunch sometime!!

I'm Emily and, oh my gosh, how adorable am I? Just don't touch me, though, as it takes upwards of five whole minutes to primp myself in the morning. This fur does not look natural because I leave it that way - I groom, lick, brush and perform my daily ministrations to maintain my beautiful self. It is hard work.

Sometimes I have Holly help, though I tell her it's in preparation for an epic battle. This works quite well.

Hey, would you look at that? It's Andy and Jocelyn sharing a bell pepper!! Rumor has it things between them are getting pretty serious*. Not that I'm jealous or anything. I'm not. I'm way cuter than Jocelyn.

Andy (left): Nom, nom, nom. Yo, Jocelyn!
Jocelyn: Hey, Andy. Can I have some of your bell pepper?
Andy: No.
Jocelyn: Which means yes, thanks.
Andy: *nose bop* Back, you beast, back!
Jocelyn: You are a rude, rude, rude rabbit, Andy.
Andy: There is irony in your statement, stealer of bell peppers.
Jocelyn: Indeed. Ha! Look at Oscar, he's totally posing again.

So my good side is probably my left side, because it's all grey and sleek. I could be stealthy if I was in grey vegetation. Does that exist? Hopefully, because I would look cool in it. Also, did you notice my ears? Some have claimed they're too small to be a rabbit's ears, but I'm pretty sure those other rabbits are jealous.

Back to the vegetation. It would also have to be partially white, because as you can see, I have a white stripe on my face and a smattering of perfectly placed white splotches elsewhere. Does it snow here? Well, it should. Because then I could combine the snow with some grey leaves and be quite hidden. Then I could jump out at Holly and engage in a battle royale.

If she didn't run away.

*Just a note: All the rabbits are spayed and neutered.