Brrr! Grass Valley Sanctuary Hit with Snow

Some people look at this image and imagine themselves there, looking out onto the snow-flaked scene with a warm mug of cocoa in hands. Me, the pigs and chickens? No thank you!!!

This is the new bunny barn - the rabbits are pretty darn hardy and didn't blink an eyelash when shown this photograph. They were ready to frolick in that snow!

But when I showed the chickens their new barn, covered in the freezing snow, they were not impressed. They have actually demanded sweaters and space heaters.

The pigs too. They want fleece winter coats and warm mittens for their hooves. They don't do cold.

Cows, goats and sheep shrugged their shoulders - they are cold tolerant animals. What's 8-10 inches of snow between friends?
This is a good reminder for us still in Vacaville that we need to be cognizant of the fact that some of the species we rescue are not cold tolerant. While Grass Valley will be great for those same species in the summer, where temperatures are much cooler, the winter creates a whole new dilemma. We'll be looking into ways to keep the chickens and pigs extra warm during the cold, winter months.

We are,  however, extremely excited to see how the animals react next winter when they step out of warm barns and into a winter wonderland! None of them have seen snow before, it should be a lot of fun.

(Do not tell my boss, but I will be calling in sick any day we have eight inches of snow, I'm with the chickens and pigs on this one!)