Meet the new rabbit posse

Bunny Haven is officially closed for business after three new rabbits arrived! No more applicants will be accepted, this club is full. Tima was rescued from a school that had become a dumping ground for unwanted bunnies. Animals began breeding until the population swelled to more than a hundred. The school wanted to kill all of the rabbits, while rescue agencies wished to, you know, crazily enough rescue them. Thankfully, compassion won out and all of the rabbits were saved. Animal Place accepted three in August - Boris, Holly and Emily. Lucia and Larissa were rescued while roaming free. They belonged to someone who neglected and mistreated the rabbits, even threatening to slaughter them. Both are incredibly shy, so capturing them photographically was quite the challenge!

You can click the photos to see a larger version.

Tima New bunny Tima

New bunny Larissa Larissa

New bunny Lucia