Adventures with Teese

Chicago SoyDairy makes Teese , vegan cheese as well as nacho sauces. They also make Dandies vegan marshmallows which are so good, they should be illegal. My dream is to have their soft-serve ice cream in my office, like right next to my desk. So far, my boss has not been receptive, but I will keep the hope alive.

Back to the Teese. We heard mixed reviews on the meltability of the cheese, but I do not let mixed reviews deter me from PIZZA. Or nachos. For the pizza, we (being me and my mom) used the mozarella version.

Here is evidence of its shredability:

You may click on me for bigger shredded teese

And evidence of its edibility:

You may click on me for bigger pizza love

The results?
Well, it melted. Sort of. Teese does not just melt melt, at least not in our oven. Others have suggested baking at 500F instead of the 450F that we did. We had to broil, like we've done with Follow Your Heart, to get it melty. The taste was a little buttery, but I like that taste so it didn't bother me. If you let it cool a little bit, then it "coagulates" nicely instead of remaining a soppy mess. We added green and black olives along with some herbs from the garden. In the end, I really liked it as did my mom. Our cheese-eating tester liked it, both the texture and taste.

We also tried the Teese Nacho Cheese sauce. Teese needs to include a simple sentence that says "Directions: Fling stick into saucepan and melt" instead of nutritional data in like five different languages. But in case they don't, you melt the stick of nacho cheese in a sauce pan on medium heat until it's, you know, saucy.

Plus salsa:

Results? Cheese-eating taste tester LOVED it. Awesome. I love it when my chips get all soaked and wilty, topped with a bunch of tasty veggie grounds, salsa, sour supreme, olives, chives and, yes, NACHO TEESE - so I was very happy. I do prefer my nachos with streetchy cheese but that is harder to find. Not everyone likes it when their chips absorb the moisture and flavor of the toppings, to which I respond WHY ARE YOU EATING NACHOS?!? Just kidding, to each their own.

So, our overall opinion is that Teese makes great nacho cheese sauce and their mozarella cheese melts w/ a broiler, making it not much different than Follow Your Heart. I preferred Teese's flavor to FYH and really liked the texture better when cooled a bit.

You can get Teese through online vendors. It's reasonably priced as well.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Mmm the nachos look good! Thanks for the info.