Rescue Ranch - A Project of Animal Place

People! I cannot even tell you how hard it's been to bite my tongue and restrain my typing fingers from sharing this news with you! It is EPIC news for Animal Place and I'm sure you will all be very excited.

We are keeping the 60-acre Vacaville property!

Let me repeat, in addition to the brand-spanking new 600-acre sanctuary, we are KEEPING our current facility in Vacaville!

An incredibly generous donor made this possible and we couldn't be more thrilled.

You are all now wondering what the heck this Rescue Ranch business is, yes? It will be a farmed animal adoption and placement center. Farmed animals in need of good homes will first come to Rescue Ranch and then be placed. This is NOT a sanctuary, meaning animals will be transient, coming in from rescues and then leaving for permanent placement. Grass Valley will be the primary sanctuary and any animal left unadopted will find a safe haven on the 600-acres in the sierra foothills.

You probably have a kabillion questions and, right now, we can only answer like 10. Here are a few FAQs:

Will you still be moving to Grass Valley?

Yes! Nothing about the move to Grass Valley will change. All of the current residents, from chickens and calves to staff and database, will be moving to Grass Valley. Grass Valley will serve as Animal Place’s office, sanctuary and education center.

What services will Rescue Ranch provide?

Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch will serve as an innovative adoption and placement facility for farmed animals. Animals who arrive at Rescue Ranch will be quarantined, provided veterinary care, rehabilitated and then placed in pre-approved homes.

Will there still be tours in Vacaville?

No, Rescue Ranch will be a holding and care facility for animals prior to adoption. Tours and other onsite events will be hosted at the sanctuary in Grass Valley.

What kind of animals will Rescue Ranch place?

The Ranch will place those farmed animals for whom we can find loving homes. Obviously, some farmed animals, like goats and chickens, may be placed in greater numbers than pigs and cows. Because of their popularity as backyard companion animals, chickens will be the primary species. Additionally, Animal Place has a history of placing thousands of spent hens from previous rescues.

However, we hope to establish a network with farms, shelters and other rescue groups to maximize the options for the thousands of farmed animals who are abused, neglected and abandoned nationwide while promoting the idea that farmed animals can be companion animals.

Whereas, our primary focus will be on the rescue and placement of farmed animals, we may possibly revitalize our dog rescue program.

Will volunteers be needed at Rescue Ranch?

Yes! Our volunteer program will continue at both the Vacaville and Grass Valley sites.

Will there be internship opportunities?

Yes, there will be internship opportunities, including residential internships available.

When will the new sanctuary in Grass Valley be up and running?

We have accomplished a lot in the nine months we have owned the property. The four new barns will be completed by August 10. The last big project we must complete before moving is constructing about 2.5 miles of fencing.

When will Rescue Ranch begin operation?

Rescue Ranch will be begin operation immediately after we move the animals up to the Grass Valley sanctuary – sometime the beginning of 2010.

Soon we will be introducing a couple of the programs we envision Rescue Ranch - A Project of Animal Place will provide. We are incredibly excited about both Rescue Ranch and the move to a new sanctuary in Grass Valley.

If you have burning questions or just want to yell at us CONGRATULATIONS, give Kim Sturla, executive director, a call at 707 449 4814.


Tamara said...

Wow, so exciting!!! CONGRATS to all of you!