The Giant Pumpkin

Every day, we receive hundreds of pounds of day-old produce donated by two grocery stores. Yesterday, an employee at one notified us that a 60lb pumpkin had failed to sell and did we want it? Um, do pigs love food? Yes!

The Pumpkin
Abby, sanctuary supervisor and Louie, animal caregiver, took a picture with the giant gourd.

And then it was time to abandon the pumpkin to its fate.

Enjoy! The pigs and cattle sure did!

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Gerbera Daisy said...

That's so awesome! Thank you for sharing ~ I love seeing them at peace and living a happy life. ~ Ali

blessedmama said...

This is great! I love getting your newsletters and visiting your sanctuary with my children. I can hardly wait for new one to open, as well. Hope to see you real soon. (You guys know my family as the Mains :) )

DogPatch said...

I love your blog and enjoyed your animal pictures. I especially liked the blog about "The Giant Pumpkin".

My blog is about my personal animal rescue mission, called "My DogPatch".

This summer I saved 19 feral cats by hand-raising them and placing them in forever homes. It makes me feel good to be able to make a difference, just like you must feel good about your work.

debbiet said...

I live in Sydney Australia and look forward to receiving your newsletter about the goings on at your wonderful sanctuary. One day I hope to visit the USA and see the work you do first hand. The Pumpkin story especially made me smile.