Meet Elsa, the newest bovine resident!

Several months ago, we received a call from a local school that planned on sending their 15-yr-old Jersey cow to slaughter. The cow had been used as a teaching tool for her entire life, giving birth to nine calves and spending her life at this one farm. We couldn't let her be sent to her death, so we agreed to welcome the 6th cow to the sanctuary!

Today, Elsa the cow arrived. She's a gorgeous Jersey cow. Her life has been torn asunder. All she has known for fifteen years is this one farm, the people and visitors, the other cow. At Animal Place, her life is different and new. It is scary. She has spent the past two hours pacing in her temporary pasture, lowing for her bovine friends. When she was first unloaded from the stock trailer, she let out a big bellow. Hearing her, Nicholas came running. I mean, literally. The babies came over too but Howie & Sadie felt the distance was too far and they're waiting until later to say hi.

Nicholas running over to meet the new cow

Nicholas is embarrassed by the fact that he is almost the same size as Elsa and, really, he should be a little bigger.
Elsa and Nicholas

Nomnom Time!
Elsa and Nicholas

Elsa meeting the babies

And then he said that she said that HEY A CAMERA!
Nicholas chatting with Elsa
Pretty Lady
Elsa looking pretty
nov 10 2009 elsa smb
Yes, I can eat the hay.
Nov 10 2009 elsa sma

So welcome home, Elsa. We hope you settle in soon and love your new digs and all of your new bovine buddies!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving her. I am so glad you guys are around.

Carol Hill said...

I love Elsa already. What a sweet face!

Its a secret desire of mine to raise a calf from the beginning and watch her grow, enjoy, and have all
her natural needs met. Since I can't do this, I feel blessed to receive your blogs.

I'm looking forward to visiting Animal Place soon.
Thank you for all, all of you do for these sentient beings.

Carol Hill

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Oh how sweet! I want to meet her! I can't wait for pics with Sadie and Howie.

amberlopez said...

what a beautiful animal.......they're eyes are so bambi like!

Janice Gillett said...


This not only cracked me up it left me with tears in my eyes.

You will be happy soon little one and no one will ever steal a baby from you again.

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. You all are a Godsend. Thanks for what you do.

Anonymous said...

(Let's hope this works this time, first time commenting!)

She's beautiful! Thanks for saving her. I love Animal Place and an so grateful to you all.