Photo prints: Who should be immortalized?

The animals are tired of only receiving online attention, now they want to be permanently etched in photo paper! We want to select 3-4 of our photos to print and sell to you fine folks. We think they'd make perfect holidays gifts for the animal lover in your life. But it's so hard to decide!! I mean, how can we pick between Nicholas and Looloo? IT IS TOO HARD, THE CUTE IS TOO MUCH. We are asking for your help!!

Here are the twelve final applicants with a write-in option available! The winners will have their images immortalized on 8x10" acid-free photo paper, matted, inserted into a poly-bag and made available for purchase to their fans (you). Proceeds will help benefit the animals at the sanctuary, yay!

Grazing Gwen        Turkey Lady         Chester the Pig     Summer & Freedom
Grazing Gwen Turkey lady serious Chester and Susie pigs graze Calf cuteness attack

Looloo                 Aiden Sheep     Nicholas steer        Happy sanctuary sheep
Fluffy Looloo is fluffy Aiden Posing Nicholas Jersey steer Happy sanctuary sheep

Virginia & Lenny                    Leland              Bruce & Co.                Gilbert
Virginia touching noses with baby Leland Bruce and company Gilbert

Please limit yourself to 3-4 selections.
Who should be immortalized?
Grazing Gwen
Turkey Lady
Chester the Pig
Summer and Freedom calves
Fluffy Looloo hen
Aiden the sheep
Nicholas steer
Happy sanctuary sheep
Virginia & Lenny touching noses
Leland the turkey
Bruce the pig and friends
Gilbert the goat
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